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Intellicom is a young and dynamic telecommunications service provider based in Melbourne. Privately owned, operated and network-independent, Intellicom provides tailored solutions using the latest technologies and the most innovative ideas. Our experts will carefully listen your requirements and design the most reliable network for a very reasonable cost.

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Our services are currently used by various sectors. Such as manufacturing, call centers, supermarkets, medical clinics. We can easily adapt our services to your business. 

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 Voice Services

The emergence of IP-based telephony, along with cloud technologies and unified communications, presents new opportunities to upgrade legacy systems and evolve the effectiveness and efficiency of your voice services. Intellicom helps you capitalise on these opportunities with Business Grade Voice and IP telephony across our Next Generation Network.

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Cloud PBX

You don't need to purchase a new PBX system. We provide fully managed cloud PBX services to our clients. That means no more hardware maintenance costs, no power outages. Our PBX configuration services are totally free. If you prefer to manage your own cloud PBX, you can do it from the friendly web console. You can also simply send us your requests. We never charge our customers for PBX configuration changes. All our plans include unlimited local, national and mobile calls.

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Business NBN

- No lock-in contracts

- Flexible plans, upgrade and downgrade your speed easily, there no fee for making the change

- Flexible modem choice: Bring your own modem (please check NBN compatibility first) or buy it from us
- Optional 4G backup internet

Intellicom has a state of the art monitoring system, proactively detects and solves client problems.

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Long Range WiFi

Wireless internet is one the most popular services we provide. Wireless internet solves the common infracture problem: cables. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of suburbs with very old copper cables, badly affecting quality and speed of internet connections. Sometimes, the biggest ISP's cannot provide you a basic ADSL service due to lack of ports at the local exchange. Your company's online existence, sales, support and all other communication needs require a lighting fast internet connection.

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Digital Signage

A “Digital Sign Network” consists of a cluster of digital screen displays controlled by easy to use cloud-based software. The future of advertising is digital media, we live in a digital World, companies utilize this new technology to communicate with customers consistently and instantly, and to take advantage of unlimited branding opportunities.

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Managed Services

Professional IT services for your network. 
- Security Audit
- Firmware upgrades
- Configuration management

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The Latest from Intellicoms

Long Range Cordless Phones Integrated with Cloud PBX

Long Range Cordless Phones Integrated with Cloud PBX

Our cloud PBX solution works with all IP phones but if the distance matters for your cordless phones, nothing beats our Engenius integrated business telephony.
If you are running your business in a big warehouse, car yard, shopping centre or open range areas we can provide you the ultra long range, bullet-proof industrial grade cordless phones.

Established in 1999, EnGenius Technologies, Inc. headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, is an industry expert in wireless communications and RF technology. The company delivers feature-rich, long-range, business-class wireless communications technology for voice and data. The versatility and performance of the company’s solutions lower total cost of ownership, increase productivity and maximize return on investment.

The DuraFon SIP is the first durable, long-range SIP cordless phone system.
This multi-mode communications system delivers industry-leading range and durability while providing significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to other SIP cordless phone solutions. It supports 10 handsets and 10 SIP accounts.

  • Range up to 12 Floors, 250,000 Sq. Ft. or 3,000 Acres
  • Supports 10 SIP Accounts
  • Base Provides for up to four (4) Concurrent Calls

State of the Art Network Monitoring Service

Intellicom business packages include network monitoring services. Our cloud-based monitoring system detects all network issues and notifies
our engineers.

Our engineers proactively start working on the problem before you call our support numbers. We are a local company and all our engineers are based in Melbourne.

This is one of the services our customers like most. Instead of waiting on a support call queue just to report your problem to an offshore support centre, you can reach out to our engineers directly. In most cases, you will get an update about your problem on your first call. Our network engineers will know your connectivity problem before you notice it.

Get a business telephony and internet bundle and experience this unmatchable customer service!

Intellicom Has Developed A New Cloud Based Digital Signage System

Intellicom continues to design tailored solutions for the clients. This time Intellicom cloud experts have built a digital signage management system fully running on cloud computing.
We are in an age that technological evolution is getting faster and faster. If you cannot adapt your company to new systems you may fall behind. Your competitors may do operate their business more effectively and reduce their costs by using the cloud based solutions. You don't need to worry about capital investment costs or running maintenance costs once you migrate your systems to cloud. But more importantly, outsourcing the cyber security is the biggest win.

Our digital signage system is self managed and changing the signs is as easy as making a social media post.
We can provide all digital signage display units and the computers, we can also manage all cabling and installations. Once we setup your cloud based digital signage console, you can start using it immediately.
The pricing is based on per display unit, everything else is unlimited.