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Small Business Voice and Data Bundle

$199.00 AUD

Product Code: SBS10022


This bundle does not include any hardware. Please purchase your hardware from the links below:
You will need a manageable router and telephone handsets. If you already have IP phones, please check compatibility with the tech team.

Internet Routers:
  Option 1: Basic router Mikrotik hAP $99.00
  Option 2: Advanced rack mountable router Mikrotik RB2011 $250.00

Telephone Handsets:

 Option 1: Fanvil X4U 2.8 inch colour screen $225.00
 Option 2: Fanvil X7C 5 inch colour touch-screen $299.00
 Option 3: Fanvil X7  7 inch colour touch screen $322.00
Fanvil X4UFanvil X7CFanvil X7

Services Included:

1. NBN-100 internet

  • Business grade service
  • Up to 100 Mbps download / 40 Mbps upload speeds
  • Unlimited data, no download quota
  • Free static IP address

2. Cloud PBX with 2 Channels and 2 Extensions

  • Maintenance free cloud PBX
  • Online self management portal
  • Works with SIP handsets or softphones
  • Unlimited local, national and mobile calls included
  • No service fee for PABX configuration requests
  • Call recording option
  • Work from anywhere

3. Backup 4G internet with auto failover 

  • Automatically switch to a 4G mobile data connection, so you can continue browsing as if nothing happened.

4. PABX  maintenance and support

  • No call-out fee for your requests
  • No fee for telephone handset firmware updates
  • System integration support consultancy

5. Internet health monitoring

  • Your internet connection health is monitored in our Amazon cloud monitoring system. In case of any failure, our technicians log the fault with NBN wholesaler instantly.
  • Internet router maintenance and support. Firmware updates and security patching service


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