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Cloud Phone System

Welcome to our Cloud Phone System!

Say goodbye to the hassle and expenses of purchasing and maintaining a traditional PBX system. At Intellicom, we provide fully managed cloud PBX services to our clients, eliminating the need for hardware maintenance costs and concerns about power outages. Plus, our PBX configuration services are completely free, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about additional charges.

Key Features of Our Cloud PBX:

Web-Based Management: Easily manage your hosted phone system right from your web browser. Effortlessly configure settings, manage extensions, and access advanced features from anywhere, at any time.

  • Virtual Receptionist: Impress your callers and streamline call routing with our customizable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu system. Create personalized greetings and direct calls to the appropriate departments or extensions, ensuring a seamless caller experience.
  • Call Conferencing: Collaborate effectively with your team and clients using our call conferencing feature. Conduct multi-party conference calls with ease, and even assign direct in-dial numbers for specific conferences.
  • Time-Based Rules: Set automated open and closed rules based on time of day, day of the week, or a custom schedule. Customize your call routing and handling options based on your business hours or specific requirements.
  • Ring Groups: Simplify internal communication and improve efficiency by grouping users based on teams or departments. With ring groups, incoming calls can be routed simultaneously or sequentially to the designated group members, ensuring no call goes unanswered.
  • Voicemail to Email: Never miss an important message with our voicemail to email feature. Voicemails are automatically delivered straight to your email inbox, allowing you to access them conveniently and respond promptly.
  • Custom Music on Hold: Enhance the caller experience and promote your brand by uploading your own MP3 files for music on hold messaging. Keep callers engaged and informed while they wait, reinforcing your professional image.
  • Visual Call Flows: Design complex call flows effortlessly using our visual call flow editor. With a simple click of the mouse, you can create advanced call routing scenarios tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Call Logs: Gain insights into your call history with detailed call logs. Easily view and export call data to CSV for reporting and analysis, helping you make informed decisions and track communication trends.
  • API Integration: Seamlessly integrate our Cloud PBX system with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems or other applications using our API. Enable efficient data sharing and streamline your business processes.

All our plans include unlimited local, national, and mobile calls, allowing you to communicate freely without worrying about excessive call charges.

Experience the convenience and power of our Cloud Phone System. Contact us today to explore how our Cloud PBX can transform your communication infrastructure and take your business to new heights.


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